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February 2006 Newsletter

Christ is in our midst! I pray this newsletter update finds you well.

We recently found out just how unique Annapolis College Ministry is in American Orthodoxy. We are the first full-time Orthodox college ministry in North America, providing ministry to students, alumni, faculty, and others on a continuous basis.

Our catechumens reflect the diversity of this outreach and the importance of the Church’s presence in Annapolis. Of our five catechumens, two are alumni of St. John’s College, another is a current student. One is a faculty from the U.S. Naval Academy and another is a midshipman.

We have among the greatest per capita participation of any OCF chapter in the country and I believe that this is due largely to the commitment that the students see the Church making to be there for them and the relationships I’ve been able to make with the students thanks to your support.

This ministry depends on its supporters. Only with your financial contributions and pledges will we be able to continue offering full-time ministry and growing this ministry. We need to be there for the students. A recent study by the National OCF office found that 60% of our Orthodox youth drop out of the life of the Church during college. Many of them never return. The Church needs to be there for them.

Your contributions mean that I can be there to pastor students throughout the week, not just at our once-a-week Vespers and Bible study, but also throughout the week as I meet one-on-one with our catechumens and with those inquirers who are just beginning their journey to Christ and His holy Church.

If you have already made a monthly pledge, no matter how small, we thank you for your participation in this vital ministry. If you have made a one time gift, we thank you for that as well. Please prayerfully consider what you can give to support this ministry.