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January 2007 Newsletter

Glory to Jesus Christ! I pray that this update on ACM finds you well. It’s been a very rewarding beginning to the new year for the ministry. The students returned from their Christmas break excited to participate again in the daily activities and worship of the Holy Trinity which the ministry affords them. Praise God for His work in their lives!

We now have a core group of 8 students participating in the daily activities of the OCF chapter at St. John’s College, including daily services. I meet with all these students regularly for individual pastoral care and mentoring. Several of these students are on their way to the catechumenate. More on this news next month!

My chaplaincy work also continues at the USNA as does weekly Evening Prayers.

Here are some of the ongoing and upcoming activities of ACM for these two OCF chapters:

  • Daily Evening Prayers and other services;
  • Weekly Vespers and teaching on Tuesday evenings and many Saturdays as well;
  • Two book studies for inquirers and Orthodox with a third in formation;
  • An active leadership team involved in planning, outreach, and community service;
  • Friday evening fellowship group after Evening Prayers to discuss the Orthodox Faith;
  • Upcoming ‘Movie Night’ to discuss ethical and moral issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective on those issues—first one, Gatika;
  • Upcoming first community service project at a pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Center;
  • Prayerful participation in the annual March for Life;
  • Individual pastoral meetings with the students throughout the week;

We are looking into getting cheap flights for a pilgrimage to the St. Catherine’s exhibit at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles during Spring break for both OCF’s. Let us know if you can help!

On Monday, January 22nd, seven students joined me to participate in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. For many, it was their first time standing up for the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of all human life. Praise God!

Our monthly support continues to grow incrementally. We need your help to continue growing this ministry and reaching the students, faculty, and alumni of these two venerable institutions with the Truth of Christ and the holy Orthodox Faith.

Thank you for your faithful support of this pioneering ministry in the Orthodox Church!