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April 2007 Newsletter

Catechumens John and Thomas, Sbdn. Robert, catechumens Lauren and KateChrist is risen! Indeed, He is risen! I pray that your celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection has been blessed.

Thank you for your faithful support of Annapolis College Ministry! Since my last newsletter, four more students have become catechumens. One of them, Thomas Browning, is to receive Holy Baptism and Chrismation May 13th, the Sunday of the Blind Man. As Thomas comes to Holy Illumination we can recall our own journey to come and see the light and embrace Christ, the Light of the World. Over the past academic year, Thomas, as well as his fellow catechumens, has been undergoing a transformation to a new life. Thomas is becoming an “adopted son of God,” “a new creation,” and will soon experience the life in Christ from the inside as he receives the Sacraments of Christ’s holy Church for the first time.

We rejoice with Thomas and his fellow catechumens who will soon join him as neophytes. Please pray for these students: John, Kate, and Lauren.

OCF students with His Grace, Bishop THOMAS, Holy Thursday evening. Your contributions make this first full-time OCF ministry possible. This year, full-time ministry has meant increased opportunities this Lent for prayer and worship, teaching and study, fellowship and retreat—and all on the campuses! In addition to services throughout the week, book studies, and individual mentoring of the students, we had ten students from both St. John’s and the U.S. Naval Academy at Forgiveness Vespers at St. John’s. Several students stayed after the service for individual prayer and anointing. Eleven students from both St. John’s and the USNA joined together to pray the Canon of St. Andrew the first week of Lent, and a record sixteen came up to church for Pascha this year!

Here’s what some of the students wrote from their hearts in a card expressing their thanks for a rewarding Lenten journey:

"Dear Sbdn. Robert, thank you for your guidance. I have grown so much this Lent."

"Thank you for a wonderful Lent! Your guidance is definitely appreciated. Have a glorious Pascha for Christ is risen!"

"Thank you for many blessings."

As you contribute to and pray for this ministry you are participating in it! You share in these blessings of transformed lives! You make this work of the Lord in the lives of these students possible. May God bless you for caring and loving these souls who instead of following the way of our culture are embracing Christ who is Life and Truth!