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November 2008 Newsletter

Christ is in our midst! I’m writing to you before the ACM board’s annual meeting and giving thanks to God for His provision for this ministry over the past five years.

We have much to thank God for; here’s a snapshot:

  • Fourteen people have journeyed to Christ and His holy Church in the past five years through the ministry
  • Orthodox students at both St. John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy have the opportunity to grow in their Orthodox faith
  • Three years of Plebe Summer ministry at the Naval Academy
  • A regular Orthodox presence during the week on the campuses of Annapolis
  • Opportunities for worship, fellowship, learning, growing, and serving through our two OCF chapters

Students and Sbdn. Robert on the Fall 2008 Annual Retreat in the Blue RidgeYour faithful prayers and regular and monthly financial support make this ministry possible and is your participation in this ministry that is contributing to and changing lives in Annapolis.

With the recent economic troubles in our country and rising prices, the cost to our ministry has increased but our monthly support has not kept up with our needs.

  • We are looking for some additional monthly contributors to the ministry so that we can continue this work of bringing students to Christ and His Church and helping those already Orthodox to keep growing in their faith.
  • Perhaps you know someone with a heart for college students or perhaps you receive this newsletter and pray for us but have not supported this ministry financially. Please tell a friend! Even $5 or $10 a month helps us meet our monthly budget needs.

If you are already giving to the ministry, I want to ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your monthly support by $5 or even $10.

Student News

Sunday Divine Liturgy with Fr. John Moses at All Saints of North America, Middleburg, VA.Here are some other reasons we thank God for His work through this ministry:

  • Thomas Browning, our student president, is a junior at St. John’s and came to faith through the ministry his freshman year.
  • Harry Thompson Green was an inquirer last year. He’s since entered the catechumenate and now his girlfriend is also interested in becoming Orthodox
  • We now have five new inquirers this year journeying to the faith
  • We are also blessed with two new Orthodox freshmen women who are contributing much to the OCF at St. John’s this year