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July 2009 Newsletter

The Prophet Ezekiel

Dear Friends of Annapolis College Ministry:

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! Thank you for your prayers for my newly wed wife, Kristina (Krissy) and I. We were married May 24 and are gratefully beginning our new life together. At the same time, I have begun another year of Plebe Summer Ministry, which began the beginning of July. This is my fourth year ministering to the freshman class of midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy; it is a great opportunity to impact our future leaders with the truth of the Gospel and Orthodox Faith.

We have a strong group of ten plebes this year; they are hungry to learn the attributes of godly leadership and apply them to their lives. Each week after worship (most weeks we are celebrating the Divine Liturgy), we look at a different Orthodox saint who models the attributes of godly leadership and who has a connection with military service: Thus far, St. Alexander Nevsky, St. George the Trophy-Bearer, Saints Boris and Gleb have been our focus. The plebes have been eagerly participating in the studies and discussions of these saints’ lives.

In addition to the studies, the weekly Sunday meetings last three hours or more and also provide an opportunity for the plebes to fellowship and share their experiences from the previous week. This gives them a chance to laugh and build friendships. It is my hope that these relationships will continue into the academic year and beyond, and that as iron sharpens iron, they will spur one another on in their growth in Christ.

I’m looking forward to continue to mentor these midshipmen in the academic year ahead, as I strive to encourage them in their growth in the knowledge and love of God.

We are so thankful for your faithful prayer and support for ACM. We are poised to begin a great new year of Orthodox college ministry in Annapolis. As we look to the Fall Semester, we are mindful of our need to continue to raise more monthly support, which enables me to be on the campuses throughout the week, leading services, catechizing inquirers and catechumens, mentoring the students, and helping them apply the Orthodox Faith to their daily lives.

Our monthly contributors provide $3,120 of our budget, but we currently have a monthly deficit of $620. We would be grateful if you could spread the word about what ACM is doing for the college students of Annapolis, both at St. John’s College and the Naval Academy, so that this ministry can continue to help form the next generation in the Orthodox Faith, and bring many more to Christ and His holy Church.

With thanksgiving, your fellow servant in Christ,

Deacon Robert Miclean
OCF Chaplain and Pastoral Asst. for College Ministries