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ACM August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Annapolis College Ministry:

Giving Thanks for each of you

We give thanks to God for each one of you who make this ministry possible and remember you in our prayers!  We cannot minister to the students and midshipmen without your faithful support, which makes our living here possible. 

First Holy Week and Pascha in Annapolis: Birth of our daughter, Anastasia Marie

So much has happened in our life and ministry since I wrote to you in the Spring.  We had our first Holy Week and Pascha with the students in Annapolis.  Some 30 people came to Pascha.  Our daughter, Anastasia (Ana) Marie was born on liturgical Holy Saturday, a true resurrection baby (hence her name, which means, “the resurrection”).  Though I had only a couple of hours of sleep between Holy Thursday night and Pascha, I was able to serve my first Pascha Liturgy with the students and midshipmen.  It was a great blessing for all with so much joy!

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