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ACM 2012 Christmas Newsletter

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!  What a blessing to write to you, our faithful ACM supporters, during this holy season of preparation for our Lord God and Savior’s Nativity.  We have so much to thank God for!  I invite you to take a look below at the many happenings and blessings God has given us as He continues to work through this ministry to build up His Church, strengthen those already Orthodox, and bring others to the knowledge and love of Him.

Second Patronal Feast, Baptism, Interview on Ancient Faith Radio…

The mission, Holy Archangels, which the students of ACM helped found in 2011, just celebrated its second Patronal Feast on November 8.  Fr. John Parker, Director of the OCA’s office on Evangelism and Mission, encouraged the students and faithful in their missionary work in Annapolis.  Coinciding with the Feast, I baptized our three-month-old son, James (Iacob) Robert Miclean.  Several alumni from the ministry came to celebrate with us.  Coinciding with his visit, Fr. John Parker interviewed me for Ancient Faith Radio.  The podcast is a great way to introduce friends to ACM and be encouraged yourself about the ministry you support and pray for.  You can listen to the podcast by typing this address into your browser’s address bar: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/lordsendme/annapolis_college_ministry

Special Services and Outreach…

Among the many special services and gatherings in this Fall semester were our Advent Paraklesis at St. John’s College, the Akathist to St. Nicholas at the USNA, and an outreach effort at St. John’s called, “Orthodoxy and Tea.”  Six students who had never been to any of our ACM events before came to ask questions about the Orthodox Faith.

In addition to individual meetings at AACC (Anne Arundel Community College), our second larger outreach took place in October just before we moved the mission’s rectory to Annapolis.  We’re still unpacking as the demands of the ministry (and our baby and toddler) continue apace.  We’re so thankful to be closer to the students and the three campuses I serve as chaplain.  It’s made it much easier to use our home for ministry.

Apropos, twenty students, neighbors, and others came to join us for the rectory house blessing on 5 December, which we used as an outreach to the neighborhood and the students at St. John’s and AACC. 

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