2014 ACM Nativity Newsletter
Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Friends of Annapolis Pan-Orthodox College Ministry (ACM):

Glory to Jesus Christ!  Glory to Him forever!  This last semester of ACM has been an amazing opportunity to see God at work in the lives of many of the students in this ministry that you help make possible. 

Following our full summer ministering to the plebes (the incoming class) at the Naval Academy (USNA), we began the Fall semester with a special Great Vespers and dinner at Holy Archangels, attended by 20.  We had a larger number of interested students sign up for our email list at St. John’s at the “Club Fair,” and a successful first week at the Academy. 

Applied Orthodox Theology Discussions: Putting the Faith into Practice in our Daily Lives

1: Fall Retreat Discussion

This year, we started something new at the USNA: in addition to our regular Tuesday Sixth-Hour prayers, we added a monthly discussion over pizza of a topic of particular interest to the midshipmen.  This same “applied Orthodox theology discussion” has been a big success at St. John’s, where our average participation held around 10 per week throughout the semester.  The students suggest the topics and we’ve seen a wide variety of interest from the St. John’s student body.  

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