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2019 ACM Newsletter

Dear Friends of Annapolis Pan-Orthodox College Ministry (ACM):

Christ is in our midst!  I pray this newsletter update finds you well.  In addition to our update on our Plebe Summer ministry, this newsletter includes a special invitation.

Plebe Summer Ministry 2019

It has been an exciting beginning to this year’s Plebe Summer Ministry at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA).  This is an opportunity to minister Christ and His Church to the incoming class of midshipmen (plebes) at the Academy while in their two months of ‘boot camp,’ a physically, mentally and spiritually challenging time of formation and preparation for life at the Naval Academy.  What stands out to me this year is the great hunger and thirst for traditional, i.e., Orthodox Christianity I’ve witnessed.  Each Friday I lead a Bible study and discussion on the Gospel and Orthodox Faith for all who are interested.  This past Friday, non-Orthodox plebes were in the majority and one after another lamented the shallowness and lack of depth they had experienced from their experience of Christianity thus far.  Others, including some Catholics, articulated their thirst for more knowledge and experience of early Orthodox Catholicism.  Others expressed concern over the wishy-washiness of moral teaching they had experienced elsewhere.  


Clearly, God is at work and for all the struggles in our society and in our younger generations, there are many who are hungering and thirsting for the fullness of the life in Christ and the Faith once Delivered to the Saints (Jude 3).  Thanks to each one of you and your faithful support, we’re able to offer these plebes the opportunity to come to faith in Christ, to grow in their faith in Christ, and to discover Christ’s holy Church.  I’m so glad that ACM is here at the Naval Academy to respond to such opportunities for ministry and mission.  


Many today in the Church lament our lack of focus on youth ministry.  Annapolis College Ministry is a response to the needs of our youth at these two historic and venerable institutions, St. John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy.  It is a practical, hands-on demonstration of the Church’s outreach and ministry to our youth and young adults.  

In addition to Friday’s Bible study, the plebes have the opportunity to join us for worship on Sundays at our Mission downtown, Holy Archangels.  Most plebes are not allowed off “the Yard” for Sunday worship, but because of our 15-year relationship with the Academy, an exception was made for those interested in participating in Orthodox worship.  Glory to God!

ACM to Celebrate our 15-Year Anniversary: You’re invited!

Please join us Sunday, September 29 at 3 p.m. for a celebration of ACM’s 15 years of ministry to the students of St. John’s College and the midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy.  The catered event will be hosted at the house of St. John’s College President, Pano Kanellos across from St. John’s College.  All past and present supporters, alumni of the ministry, and current students are invited.  The Sunday, Sept. 29 event coincides with Alumni Weekend at St. John’s College.  More information will be available on the ACM website ( 1 August.  Please join us for this exciting event!


The celebrationwill be an opportunity to thank Godfor the fruit of 15 years of ministry at the USNA and St. John’s College, and you our faithful supporters who have faithfully sustained the ministry, its outreach and evangelism through the years.  There will be a presentation by Fr. Robert, as well as remarks from St. John’s President, Pano Kannelos, opportunities to hear from some of ACM’s alumni, and a slide show of the ministry throughout its 15-year history. Please plan to join us!


Miclean Family Update:

Anastasia (Ana, 8) and Iacob (almost 7) continue their bilingual homeschooling education in English and Romanian, being fluent in both languages.  In her spare time, Ana enjoys playing the piano and swimming.  Iacob enjoys playing chess and altar service with his Dad.  Mihai (5) is all about dinosaurs and trying to keep up with his older siblings.  Adelina (3) is a wonderfully creative child. Daniela, our now 9-month-old is a great joy and has truly mastered crawling.  My dear wife, Kristina, helps keep everything together.  Thank you so much for your prayers for our missionary work.  We depend on your prayers and support and are so grateful to have you partnering with us in ministry! Glory to God!


Thank you for your faithful support of Annapolis College Ministry!  

Our 15 years of ministry is a testimony of your faithfulness in supporting the work of God at the campuses of St. John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy as we bring students and midshipmen to and grow them in  the fulness of the life that is only in our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Yours in Christ our true God,

Fr. Robert Miclean+