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October 2005 Newsletter

God has granted us continued growth in the ministry in October. College ministry is about relationship-building and thanks to your financial support I have had many more opportunities this Fall to get to know the students and show them the love of Christ.


The biggest news in the ministry since last month is our second annual retreat in Virginia. There were 12 students on the retreat—double the number from last year. This increase is due, at least in part, to the commitment that the students see the Church making in having full-time ministry on campus. The students represented a diverse group from seekers to non-denominational, Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox.

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September 2005 Newsletter

We have now had two weeks of full-time college ministry in Annapolis. The Orthodox Church is bringing Christ to the campuses of St. John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy on a near daily basis.

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) ministry to these two historic colleges is different in that many OCF chapters are mainly geared toward ministry to those already Orthodox, but in Annapolis the ministry means growth for the few that are already Orthodox as well as evangelism and outreach to the many seeking the Truth of Christ and His holy Church. The student presidents of both these OCF chapters are converts through this ministry.

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August 2005 Newsletter

Greetings in Christ and thank you for your support of this vital ministry to our college students in Annapolis at this formative time in their lives!

This summer I have had the blessing of continuing to meet with students over the summer months. As the ministry continues to grow and as my relationship with the students continues to strengthen, the number of opportunities to minister to them, encourage them, pray for them, and lead them to Christ and His holy Church have grown.

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